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Baofeng UV-5r, still have it plus another and one of them has spent the last couple of years rolling around the floorboard of my Jeep. Both still work fine after 4.5 years.
After about 6 months of owning the Baofeng I invested in a Yaesu FT-8800r mobile radio and haven't looked back.


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Baofeng UV-5r,
I picked up 2 of the BF-8+ from Boafeng as back up for the Mobiles.. I found they are quite efficient, maybe slightly under powered, for their price. I also changed the antenna to a Nagoya NA-771, I highly recommend that antenna for this radio.
My first radio was a Christmas gift from some hams I met while deployed to NYC for the 9-11 operation, they gave me a radioshack 2m HT as incentive to take the test. i used it for several years, then gave it to a ham I knew that needed an HT.
First radio was a Kenpro 2m handie with thumbwheel tuning. Graduated to a Yaesu FT290 aand now have FT1500M and some chinese radios on 2m and 70cms. Sold the FT817 as was not using it.