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what weather modeling site/sites do you use

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As I am getting older and my eyes are not what they once were, I have been noticing some sites are easier for me to read than others simply due to the size of the graphics, some sites render small graphical output that are sometimes hard to read.
So what are some of the ones you use?

Shawn Gossman

Skywarn Forum Owner
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For at home on the desktop, I use GR3. It is simple and I can customize it to meet my needs. For on the phone, I've always been a RadarScope fan. I probably need to explore more programs and apps though. Looking forward to the replies in this topic for new things to check out :)
As a general rule, I use the National Weather Service website for forecast maps, radar imagery, and information for local conditions. On a more sophisticated level, I use a site called Unisys, which I use for more in-depth information that I was taught to look for in GGY 433 (Weather Analysis and Forecasting) at school, including K-index and SWEAT Index (both of which are used to track potential severe weather - I can explain more if you guys have questions). I also occasionally use Intellicast and Weather Underground.