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What is the worst weather you have personally witnessed?

Shawn Gossman

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Whether it was a tornado or a hurricane or something not as severe, what was the worst type of weather possible that you have personally witnessed?
I think it would be a two-way tie between Hurricane Arthur in 2014 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. While Matthew did not directly impact my area as severely as they anticipated, it did lead to school being shut down for at least two days, and while I enjoyed the reprieve, cabin fever set in pretty quickly.

I experienced Arthur's conditions first hand while at work during the summer prior to my senior year of high school. We were forced to close the Hardee's I worked at early due to electricity problems, and water coming into the north end of the store couldn't be mopped up since more kept coming in (due to the way the store was built, not flooding).

Both had interesting experiences and impacted me personally, Arthur by giving me first hand experience away from the house, and Matthew in the impacts it had on my commuting to school to attend classes.