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What ham radio related organizations do you belong to?

Shawn Gossman

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What organizations directly involving the use of ham radio are you a part of? Feel free to name them all off even if they don't have to do with weather and emergency services.
NW Ohio ARES, Henry County ARES, the NHC (National Hurricane Center) VOIP Hurricane net as part of the net staff. I am an ARRL VE and president of the Henry County Ohio Amateur Radio Club K8TII


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Both local radio clubs.
Oakland County Amateur Radio Society
Milford/Highland Radio Club.
The OCARS Is a larger, more active club with many members involved with ARES/RACES activities and providing support for community activities. This group also operates stations during field day events.
The Milford/Highland club is made up with many older Hams. I am worried this club with an aging membership and many young people vacating amateur radio.
What sort of activities does the organization do? Any sort of community outreach at all?
"We" assist with tornado siren checks once a month, provide communications for 4th of July activities (car show, parade, etc), provide communication for local marathon, and such things like that. I am sure there is a working relationship with the local Emergency Management in case such a need were to arise though there hasn't been in the last 4+ years I have been with the group. We give classes a couple times a year and exams monthly. We also participate in Field Day where the public is welcome to come get on the radio.
Hello to the group. I am a member to the Sumter County, Florida - RACES / EmComm Team. As part of the overall EmComm for our County SkyWarn plays a big part within the Amateur Radio Community. On Sunday evenings at 8:30 PM ET there is a SkyWarn Radio Net that incorporates four Counties. A weekly net of course to check equipment, pass along any information as necessary and general "Rag Chew" to stay in touch. Then of course the SkyWarn Net is activated every time the local "Weather Alert Radio" sounds an alert based on our SAME Code. So locally we keep it active.