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What are your hobbies?


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Well... Putting the feet up on the desk... Does that count?
I have a 2014 Harley and that is the joy (Besides the Bride of 46yrs, 3 daughters and 5 grandsons) of my life.
I ride with Patriot Guard Riders and support are Service People and Law Enforcement professionals. Riding with PGRs is rewarding and at times, emotional.
Then the radio is on the better part of each day, It is interesting to listen to that as well as a bit of rag chewing.


Reading. Big fan of the wild west & the mafia, to a lesser extent the civil war. After binge watching "The Tudors" , "The Borgias" & "Rome" I've gotten into kings & queens and been reading up on them ( non fiction) Fascinating time period to say the least.
Ham radio, when the weather warms up I’ll get on hf more. I also like driving a few old timers nuts with my Motorola gear. I have a couple simplex channels programmed separate with either GE STAR post or MDC post identification bursts.

Fishing, I don’t think I have enough fishing poles....I only have 5....lol

Hiking and camping. Love the outdoors in general when the weather agrees

Video games, always a fun stress reliever. HALO, Mass Effect, Deus Ex etc.