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Welcome to the New Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum (READ THIS!!!)

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Shawn Gossman

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Greetings members - new and former,

In early to mid 2017, a database corruption occurred on this forum. This caused 'member' and 'topic' queries to become corrupted on a daily basis. Content and members disappeared and each time I fixed it, it came back. In the end, the database was corrupted and fixing it wasn't going to happen. I admit fault on my part. I relied on my hosting service to back things up but backups get deleted over time. It wasn't the fault of my host, it was the fault of myself for not backing things up on my own. So in the end, I had to kill the old forum because there wasn't any fixing going to happen. We all took a loss. I lost members, content and money from acquiring additional forums. I learned a valuable lesson.

My initial intentions was to discontinue the forum as it and move on. However, I wanted to see what you all wanted. So I took it to Facebook and the response was overwhelming. A lot of you wanted me to create this new forum and start from scratch. It excited me and got me back to wanting the forum to stick around. So after adopting new backup policies, waiting for the newest version of this forum software to release and properly planning everything out - the new forum is here! This is it, folks! All shiny and new, even has that new forum smell, LOL.

Obviously, stuff is still being developed. I don't have a logo yet, working on it! ;) There isn't much topics - help me out there by creating some or many, go nuts, you know me, I don't care how active you are!

Staff. For now, I'm going to be the only forum staff member. As the forum grows, I'll be watching those who are most active, contributing and so on - if you are one of those members, I might be asking you to join the team!

The first 10 members of the forum who are going above and beyond to be active, contributing and such will get a special membership at some point. If you want to be one of those members, join soon and go beyond and above. Note, I'm saying the first 10 members who are really active, not the actual first 10 members who join. So really, the chance to get this special membership is higher that way!

Features... I'm still working on adding new features. Too many addons can cause problems so I want to focus more on utilizing and customizing the core features of the forum rather than add more external addons that could create issues.

So, welcome, if you're not a member, consider joining today! I hope to see you on the forum soon!
Not open for further replies.