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Vehicle Ram Mount

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i bought this mount about a month ago. It was decently priced, and I wanted a little more professional looking install for my new Yaesu (instead of the head being velcroed to my steering column). When I got it, I almost immediately started to get it installed. (this is where I say buyer beware if you own a dodge).

On Amazon one of the photos show it mounted in the seat rail. So I started to break the bolt loose on the passenger seat rail. Found out in Dodges infinite wisdom they put a washe nut on the other end that you can not get to with any tool with the seat still mounted in the car. I had to pull the seat, then Murphy’s law struck again and the piece that mounts in the seat rail didn’t line up with the hole. Dodge put the hole as close to the rail wall as they could instead of dead center. So I mounted it between the seat spacer and seat rail, and the actual mounting bar that secures the seat to the car. My passenger seat now sits about 3/8s of an inch higher on the console side corner.

Now the good. I’ve had it in about a month now, and it works well given the debacle that was installation. I haven’t had one issue with it post installation. Given that it’s a solid rigid piece of aluminum round stock it bends, but not easily. The only semi negative is on very bumpy terrain it likes to bounce around.

First two images are my install rest are from Amazon here is a link to it from Amazon.


I have a similar mount for my tablet currently as it does get to bouncing.
I plan to replace it with a Ram mount X grip using the 1" ball and socket arm. I have one for my phone and it holds it quite well.
Plan on using a similar set up for my ham radio control heads as well. They make control head mounts with the ball on it, but I like the ease of removal with the X-grip.
Like this: