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Storm Conditions this weekend and Did you know?

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Peggy Sue

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Just a little note for you I have youtube channel that does forecasts for auroras and this is link for todays forecast-
Yes we are at GI-G2 Storm Conditions!
How many of you know that your solar weather actually effects your weather on the ground. I had a little chuckle as Ryan Hall talking about the rapid intensification of the Ian and how hurricane hunters had never seen so much lightning, We actually had a G3 solar storm and the electro magnetic changes in our atmosphere that would feed the storm. When he said he didn't think it would intensify when it went back out of ocean before taking aim at South Caroline. Had to smile, that wasn't going to happen, we had at that point at least four more CME and slew of flares coming that would bump us to Geo magnetic Storm leaves and would feed that hurricane. Just a little tidbit for all you weatherman out there, you need to watch your space weather too, cause a solar storm can take an average little thunderstorm and ramp up the lightning or it can taken a minor hurricane feed it energy till it becomes a major hurricane. We have seen in happen with some of the Typhoons in particular turning them into some of the largest storms on earth. Want to learn more Check out the Weatherman's Guide to the Sun.