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Skywarn Training Schedule Guidelines

Discussion in 'Skywarn Spotter Training Schedules Per US State' started by Shawn Gossman, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman Skywarn Forum Owner Staff Member Skywarn Forum Owner Skywarn Forum Moderator

    When creating a new topic to submit a training schedule post for your area, please make sure one doesn't already exist by searching the appropriate State section before you create the new new topic. When creating a new topic, please use the following format (copy and paste is for easier use):

    Name the title of your post the location and type of the training. If for example, the training class is scheduled to take place in New York City and it is an Elite Spotter Course, then the title/subject of your new topic should be "Elite Skywarn Training - New York City" or something like that. Please copy and paste the following format into the body of your new topic so that we can preserve proper organization of these schedules:

    [b]Date and Time of Class:[/b]
    Replace this text with the date and time of the spotter training class. (Example: 12/28/2015 at 7:00 PM CST)
    [b]Location of Class:[/b]
    Replace this text with the physical location of the spotter training class. (Example: 123 Cape Street, New York City, New York)
    [b]Additional Information of Class:[/b]
    Replace this text with additional information of the spotter class. (Example: Class will last 2 hours, this is an Elite spotter class only. Call Mark Robinson (instructor) for more information at 555-0001 or email at mrobinson@somedomain.com)

    By using these formats above, we can ensure that people find the right information on these topics. Thank you and we hope you enjoy this feature!
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