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Skywarn Storm Spotter ID Numbers (READ THIS!)

Shawn Gossman

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Greetings Members,

I wanted to create this topic to explain to those wondering about spotter ID numbers. If after training, you have not received an ID number, it is likely because the NWS Weather Forecast Office that you are involved with does not issue spotter ID numbers. Not every forecast office does this. Mine (PAH) did but it is an ID number shared by everyone (the same number) and never once have I used it. Personally, I feel like spotter ID numbers are a waste of time. Call or submit your report and focus on the details rather than a way to show who you are.

I'll leave this thread open for discussion.
The Norman Oklahoma office does not issue them.

I can see it as being an easier way to submit a report rather than having to give your name and contact info each time and the NWS could keep track of the reports you have submitted. That would however require the NWS to maintain a database and with the Government funding what it is I can see why they wouldn't want to dedicate the man power to that.

Shawn Gossman

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Here is an excerpt from NWS Chicago:
Q. Does the NWS issue a certificate or spotter ID number?

A. The NWS does not issue spotter ID numbers. Certificates are available on request. Some county emergency management agencies issue IDs and/or certificates. Please check with your local officials.
Our Metro SkyWarn issues ID numbers but only for use over Ham Radio. If we use other forms of communication we are just supposed to identify ourselves as "Trained Spotters."
Our local NWS does not require numbers, but when we log into spotter network it will show those numbers and our GPS locations, otherwise we are "trained spotters".