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Forum Policy Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum - Official Rules

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Shawn Gossman

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Hello and welcome to the Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum,

Many of you who remember the first version of this forum understands that we want the forum to serve as a positive and entertaining experience for everyone involved. Therefore, there has to be rules in order to accomplish such a goal as that. This is the official set of rules and guidelines that all members must abide by at all times while using this forum. Please understand that by using this forum, you agree to these rules. If you do not agree to these rules, we ask that you x-out of this forum and don't return in the future. Rules will be enforced by official forum staff team members upon their own discretion. We encourage you to report suspicious activity if you find it - help us keep Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum fun and clean for everyone who visits.

Age Policy
Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum was created for users ages 13 years old and over. Users under the age of 13 are not allowed to use this forum - no exceptions. Those found in violation of this rules will be banned for life without a chance to appeal such ban. This is a rule to cooperate with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of the United States of America.

The forum rules...
  1. Do not abuse yourself or other members. This includes harassment, threats against another, self-threats, sexual harassment, stalking, constant negativity, acts of violence and extreme profanity.
  2. Do not abuse minors in any way. Users who are registered sex offenders are prohibited from using this forum. If caught, we will report you and pursue legal action against you at all costs necessary.
  3. Do not spam this forum. We define spam as commercial and/or non-commercial advertising without authorization. You can post links that a relevant to a topic as long as they are not meant to be advertised. You can have signature links that are non-commercial and of your own creations. This rule is self-explanatory, really.
  4. Do not conduct illegal activity of any kind on this forum. If you are a criminal, we don't want you here. This includes the transmission of harmful text, files, attachments, media and images that could harm and/or disrupt another computer and/or internet service. All forms of internet fraud is prohibited on this forum. This also includes copyright, trademark and trade secret laws.
  5. Do not discuss controversial topics on this forum not related to meteorology. This means that while we prohibit the discussion of politics, we still allow meaningful and healthy debates on the issue of climate change. Topics prohibited include politics, religion, drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, tobacco, vaping, sexual lifestyles, sexual discussions, abortion and other topics that will only end in nasty name calling and stupidity. This forum wasn't created for debate!
  6. Do not impersonate another person and/or entity on this forum.
  7. Do not create more than one account. If you cannot access your account, use the password recovery features or contact us for assistance. We can easily detect multiple accounts and most often times, a second account is automatically banned. If you are banned and you create another account, your ban will be set for life and you will never be able to appeal it.
  8. If you wish for your account to be deleted, please contact us. We make it a policy that your account remain active for two weeks after the initial contact as a "cool down" period. There is no exception to this policy. After two weeks, if you wish, we will delete the account. The username that is deleted may not be registered again for a year (365 days) prior to the day it was deleted. You can register again before that with a different username. If this is abused, we will ban the account permanently and you will never be able to appeal the ban. The idea of this rule is to discourage account deletion. If you truly think you might delete your account later down the road, just don't join in the first place!
  9. Remain on topic at all times. Use the search feature before creating a new topic in case the topic already exists. Speak in English only. Don't double post. No excessive post bumping and always be respectful to others.
  10. Respect our staff team - they can ban you! ;)

Signature and Avatar Rules
  • Avatars must abide by the rules above
  • Avatars may not contain images that are copyright of others
  • You may change your avatar at any time
  • Gravatar avatars must abide by our rules as well
  • Signatures may contain up to 3 links only
  • Images are allowed in signatures unless they are so large that they create performance issues

Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum is a privately owned entity. This forum is not owned, controlled or affiliate with the National Weather Service, NOAA or the United States Government. Skywarn storm spotting and storm chasing can be hazardous to your health and safety. Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum, its staff team members, agents and associates do not encourage unsafe acts or inexperienced spotting and/or chasing activities. By using this forum, you agree to this. The information posted on this forum is by other members and may not always be controlled. Information is assumed to be accurate but users should otherwise use such information at their own risk and know that such information is provided "as is".

Privacy Statement
See our Official Privacy Policy for more information about your privacy on this forum.

Thank you for reading this policy, remember to have fun and we hope to see you on the forum, soon!

Last Updated: 12/27/2017
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