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POLICY UPDATE Skywarn Forum Official Privacy Policy

Discussion in 'Skywarn Forum News and Information' started by Shawn Gossman, Jul 16, 2015.

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  1. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman Skywarn Forum Owner Staff Member Skywarn Forum Owner Skywarn Forum Moderator

    Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum cares about your online and offline privacy while using our message forum community and the features and services we provide to you. Since this website is a member-based service, we do collect information for various purposes associated with the online community. This policy was created to help you understand what information is collected, how the information is used and options that you have to help keep your information more secure. By using and/or joining the Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum, you agree to this policy.

    Membership information that we collect
    When joining Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum, we collect a variety of required and optional information. The following information is collected upon registration on our forum:

    · Username: This is your official ‘Member Name’ to be seen by all visitors (whether members or non-members) on the forum. Any content you created will be associated with this username. You have the choice of creating your own username. If you choose to use your real name, call-sign or an alias, that is completely up to you. Note that everyone who visits the forum can see your username – not just members. You must create a username in order to become a member on the forum.

    · Email Address: A valid email address is required in order to create an account on our forum. We collect email addresses in order to allow you to receive notifications about content that you have voluntarily subscribed to. We also may send you emails from time to time about expected downtime, forum updates and policy changes. We will never sell, share or trade your email to advertisers, commercial entities or third-parties. You have the choice to determine the privacy of your email address which is hidden by default. If you share your email address in content on the forum that you create, everyone on the internet will likely be able to see it.

    · Password: A password is required to have an account on Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum. Passwords are securely stored and encrypted on our forum server. Never share your password with anyone, not even our official forum staff members as they do not ever need your password for anything. We recommend that you choose a secure password for this forum using a random combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols. You are responsible for choosing a secure password that cannot be breached.

    · Gender: We ask this for profile customization and statistical purposes. You have the ability to not specify your gender if you wish not to show it.

    · Date of Birth: We require that all members be at least 13 years of age or older per the COPPA agreement enforced on this forum. Members under the age of 13 are prohibited from using this forum until the day they turn 13 years of age. Thus, the date of birth information upon registration is a requirement. You have the ability to adjust your options to show or hide your date of birth. We require that you contribute an accurate date of birth in order to comply with the COPPA policy.

    · Profile Information: As an option, you can fill out various fields to customize your member profile and enhance your reputation on the forum. Profiles cannot be seen by non-members and you can control many aspects of what can be seen by members. We have a Friends option where you must approve a friendship request and therefore can limit your profile and contact information and tools to your approved friends if you wish to. NOTE: Forum staff members can see your profile information and contact you regardless of any options you have set.

    Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
    Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum complies with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA. In regards to compliance with this act, members must be at least 13 years of age or older to join this forum. We require members provide their date of birth specifically for this reason. Members who are under the age of 13 will be banned for life. Members who are 13 years of age to 17 years of age are assumed to have permission to be a member of this forum by their legal guardian(s). Parents and legal guardians should understand that some information and content found on this forum could be offensive and/or inappropriate to younger viewers of the forum. We strive to keep everything at least appropriate for ages 13 and over but since we are a forum dealing in severe weather, some information could be inappropriate to minors.

    Cookie Usage
    Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum uses cookies to customize member experiences while using the forum. While members have the right to disable cookies, doing so will likely create many unavoidable issues and failures in using the forum. Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum cannot provide options or support to those members who decide disable cookie usage for this forum. Cookie usage is simply required due to the functions of using this forum.

    Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum does not display advertisements nor do we sell advertising services. Therefore, no user information is collected and/or shared for third-party usage pertaining to advertising activities. Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum does however use a combination of data analytical services such as Google Analytics to position its ranking on search engines. Information is collected form user computers and stored in a secure database with limited access. This information is used for statistical purposes only. Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum will never share, trade, sell, buy or give away user information to third-parties for the purpose of advertising and commercial intentions.

    Content, Members and Public Forum
    Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum is considered an online public message forum. This means that most content which is contributed by members can be seen by anyone browsing the forum. This means that members and non-members browsing the forum can see most member-contributed content posted on the forum. We ask that you use common sense and intelligence before posting information on the message forum. If you wish to keep information private, we do not recommend that you post it on the forum. Any information pertaining to your physical location address, passport and personal identification information, social security information, credit card information and/or financial information is prohibited from being posted on this forum. Any sort of transaction made between you and this forum is done using PayPal.com, a secure third-party online banking system. Transactions between members are the sole responsibility between the members – Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum has no association between member transactions.

    Various security methods, tactics and procedures have been put into place on this forum to ensure members and their information can be protected. This forum uses the HTTPS or SSL which encrypts and secures user data for authentication, data integrity and to determine if private information is or is not collected by the forum. You can determine our use of SSL by locating the ‘https’ portion of our URL in the address bar of your browser. The ‘S’ in ‘HTTPS” stands for Secure and you can click on the lock icon to review our security certificate. Your connection to Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum is private.

    Information Sharing Obligations for Legal Matters
    In the case of legal and/or criminal justice matters, Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum reserves the right to share your information with legal and/or criminal justice entities to the fullest extent of the law. Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum is hosted and operates within the United States of America and therefore will comply with United States legal requirements and laws. If required by law, we may share information about our members to legal, government and/or law enforcement entities in regards to investigations and legal matters. If we observes illegal activity or suspected illegal activities being done on the forum, we reserve to right to share member information with legal and/or law enforcement authorities to help stop internet crime from taking place on this forum. If we were to allow crime to take place, we could be liable to lawsuits and criminal prosecutions from legal and law enforcement entities.

    Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum provides various tools and features used for communication purposes made on this forum. For example, members can send and receive private messages to one and other, email one and other and chat/post to one and other. If communications is done in open forum, everyone (members and non-members) will usually have access to it. Some communication forms, such as the chat room, can only be seen my members of the forum who are logged in. Email and private messages can only be seen by the members involved in the messages. Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum respects the privacy of members and therefore will not read incoming/outgoing email and/or private messages between members. However, if a private message is reported as abuse or spam, Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum reserves the right to read such reported message(s).

    Privacy Right
    We respect the right of privacy for each member on the Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum. Therefore, we expect each member to also respect the right of privacy from all other members and non-members. No member is allowed to violate the privacy of another person, whether a member or not a member, on this forum. Violating member privacy will ultimately result in the removal of such content and the banning of the member who has violating a person’s right of privacy.

    We do not allow the deletion of accounts and/or content. However, upon request, we can change your username to something random if you wish to leave this forum. By creating a member account on Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum, you agree with the clause.

    Policy Last Updated on: 7/16/2016
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
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