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Forum Policy Skywarn Forum now requires membership approval!

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Shawn Gossman

Skywarn Forum Owner
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Greetings community,

In order to effectively combat spam and weed out users who will bring only negative outcomes to the forum, effective immediately, all registrations after this date of July 17, 2018 will undergo a manual administrative approval process. This means that anyone who joins after today will be required to input a message stating why they wish to join the forum. If the statement appears to be negative or harmful to the community, the registration will be rejected. This will also effectively halt all non-human spam activities from being completed on the community as spammers will not be able to post unless approved.

If you are a non-member looking at this post and you wish to join, the process is simple, tell us why you want to join and what type of member you plan to be. If you want to join to cause trouble, troll or advertise external content - your registration request will simply be rejected.

Thank you for your cooperation. :)
Not open for further replies.