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Shawn Gossman

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Metropolis, Illinois
Howdy folks,

Are you at all interested in learning some history of Skywarn Forum?

If yes, read on. :cool:

Skywarn Forum was created in 2010 by me. I created it as an alternative forum to Skywarn Online. I created it because I wanted a forum of my own. I like forums. But I never tried to compete against Skywarn Online.

I eventually acquired Skywarn Online through a private transaction and merged it with Skywarn Forum

At this time, the forum was at its peak, with over 7,000 members and over 100,000 posts.

My mistake back then was not backing up the forum the way I should have backed it up. Now I auto-backup the forum, my hosting service does it, and I also manually do it.

Lessons learned the hard way.

We lost the forum around 2016 when a critical error occurred, and the database started corrupting. I didn't back up properly and was forced to shut the community down.

I left the forum scene for a long time after that.

2022 to Present:
I've returned to forums because I miss their online community aspects. Social media is fine and all, but it's rented space. If your social group gets closed down, you lose everything, no matter what you say or do. You agreed to that on their terms by becoming a member. Social media was hard to create a real community in. Forums seem more personal and very passion specific.

That's why I decided to launch the forum once again.

It's starting out fresh, and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

I hope you join me in making it feel like the old Skywarn Forum again. :)

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