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Shawn Gossman

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The game is simple. Just reply with your best photos in a reply to this topic. Be sure to add some context of what we are seeing, where it was taken and anything you would like to add about the photo. If you edited or enhanced the photo in any way (i.e. HDR, etc.), tell us about that as well. :) Have fun and show off your prized work, here! :D
Sunset, the moon, and a storm firing up on the left. There was another storm on the right out of frame as well, surprised I didn't get a panoramic shot...
Taken with my cheap phone Oct 4th, 2016. No alterations.

Sunrise from a camping trip this last weekend. IMG_20180505_060328[1].jpg
And then the fog moved in.

Sunset on Saturday.
Sunrise Monday morning, not a bad way to start out the work week after a great weekend away.