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Oldie but a goodie

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I'm an old member of the old forum from back in 2012 aka ladyshep or Briana. I miss the days of being obsessed with this forum and also being an admin. It was a blast. Now I see this forum is totally redone. Looks good.

Here is to some good times on the forum. I hope to be on this more often, I've been so busy in my life from working in admin in security, my kids' orchestra events, along with their sports, ect. I've also been working at all kinds of hobbies of mine such as blogging, rock climbing, hiking, camping, swimming, rollerskating, projects with refurbishing furniture and all kinds of things!

Last year, I went storm chasing a few times, I really went out to spot, but I somehow always end up chasing the storms instead. I got some moderate hail damage from a storm last year that at the end, I wish I wouldn't have chased and I ended up scaring my kids. My daughter said, "I feel sorry for the owner of this red truck." LOL It was fun though and I hope they remember all the good times we've had with weather... My daughter is now interested in weather and Skywarn.

Also, I missed the Skywarn class this year, I have went to every single one of them since 2012, except for two now counting this year. I took my boyfriend last year to it, and he thought it was interesting. I wanted to bring my 14 year old daughter this year, but mixed up the dates by mistake. We went up to the Mayo Hospital auditorium, and there was a bunch of doctors sitting in there having a conference. I was embarrassed and told my daughter that this definitely wasn't the Skywarn class. She joked and said we could have went in there and told them we want to become doctors. It was funny. So, I missed the class somehow--the original was postponed because we had adverse winter weather and I got the dates all mixed up.

Enough rambling... I hope you guys are doing good! I see some familiar people on here.
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