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NEW FEATURE ADDED: Skywarn Storm Spotter Classes

Shawn Gossman

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Greetings Members,

I've added a new feature to the forum utilizing the Resources section where you can find and add upcoming Skywarn Storm Spotter Classes based on your location. IMPORTANT: When submitting an upcoming class, make sure the title of the submission includes the COUNTY of where the class will be held/hosted at. This is required! Failure to do this will cause the entry to be rejected.

Good Examples of Titles are:
  • Williamson County Spotter Training Class
  • Williamson County
Bad examples of Titles are:
  • Spotter Training Class
Do not submit resources asking where spotter classes are being held, use the forum for that.

Do not post the same class more than once. Use the search feature before posting your scheduled resource.

If looking for a class, either use the resource search at this link or select the state of your area on the Skywarn Storm Spotter Training main page.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature! Please start adding class resource at anytime you wish :)
But our Metro SkyWarn classes are listed for our entire area (7-Counties) of the Twin Cities Metro. That's how they are grouped. To separate them by county would be a major editing job. Make an exception?
I would just post the county the class is being held in.
I couldn't find a current schedule for your area. Do you have an example so that I can get a better idea of what you are referring to?
Our SkyWarn class schedule doesn't come out until mid-February, but I'm attaching the one for 2017 as an example. It is ONLY for the Twin Cities Metro area because we have our own assigned training course and spotter numbers. Outside the Metro area it's a whole different set of rules, and in fact, those spotters trained in other districts don't get the same recognition. In other words Metro Skywarn training isn't accepted outside our 9-County Metropolitan Area, and those trained outside the Metro area aren't recognized within the Metro Area, even though they are all trained by either MSP or DLH NWS. "Metro SkyWarn" is it's own entity. "Trained Spotter" is the entity designation outside the Twin Cities area. I only know the training schedule for the Metro area cause that's where I live.



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There are a couple classes in late February in a couple counties in the state. Most classes are in March. Tornado Siren testing start in March (1st Saturday monthly, March through November) Amateur Radio mobile operators volunteers to check a siren in their area for proper function of the siren.