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My Custom Built 80-Foot Tip-Tower -- Video.

I will keep watering my antennas and hope they grow to resemble your farm.

I have plans for a fold over antenna though not quite that tall to use for a 2m ground plane and a either an end fed or fan dipole.

Have you lost any equipment when your tower has been struck?
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Unless I'm using the radio it is not hooked up to the feed line. Consequently I have never lost anything to lightning yet.

I also have a copy of the plans for the tower. I can send them via File Sharing if you like.
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I gotta say that's an awesome idea, and a cool setup!
How cost effective is that kind of tower as opposed to say, a Rohn 25 or something?
Cool video. Especially the trip to the top and back!
I had the tower built back in 1992. The cost of steel was much cheaper. I have no idea how it compares to the cost of other styles of towers.