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Member Classifieds - Official Rules (Read Before You Use!)

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Shawn Gossman

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Welcome to Member Classifieds,

Member Classifieds was created for the intention of registered forum members who are logged in to be able to buy, sell and trade related items on the forum. The following items are permitted to be listed as classified ads:
  • Skywarn-related items (physical or digital)
  • Storm chasing-related items (physical or digital)
  • Weather-related items (physical or digital)
  • Ham radio-related items (physical or digital)
The following items are prohibited from being listed as classified ads:
  • Anything not related to the item categories above
For sellers and traders, the following rules apply:
  1. Be accurate and do not commit fraud or scams
  2. Do not post an external link showing the item you are attempting to sell or trade. You MUST post the information in a topic on this forum and include images if applicable
  3. Random price changing is prohibited unless you are going down on the price, have made a simply error in the original listing or are using an auction-based bidding system for your item. Make sure you announce that it is a bidding system buy before actually starting the bid
  4. If a successful buy or trade is made, make sure you send the item at a reasonable time
  5. Do not ask for credit card information. You MUST use an online payment system such as PayPal.com or similar
  6. Create a NEW TOPIC for each item you wish to sell or trade
  7. Do not excessively bump your item topics - you are allowed one bump every 24 hours prior to the last bump
  8. If the item has been sold or traded, reply to your topic stating that it has been sold or traded. A staff member on the forum will then lock the topic from further discussion
For buyers, the following rules apply:
  1. Never share your social security number or financial information in the public forum or on private message and email. Always use a trusted financial system such as PayPal.com or similar to complete transactions
  2. This service is provided as is and for use at your own risk. Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum, its staff members, agents and associates have no association or direct influence on these classified ads. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for fraudulent and/or failed transactions and trades. By using the Member Classifieds section, you agree to this term. If you do not agree, you are not allowed to use this section of the forum.
  3. Only reply to items that you are actually interested in purchasing
  4. Do not beg the seller or trade to change the terms of the item or the price
  5. Do not share your physical address in open forum. This sort of thing should be done through email and in private
General Terms and Conditions:
  1. Transactions are between the buyer and/or seller and/or trader only. The forum, its staff and associates have no part in the transaction process besides providing a voluntary space for such transactions to take place
  2. Bidding systems cannot be enforced by the forum staff team. It is strictly volunteer and based on good-faith systems. If a user wins a bid but then refuses to honor it, the forum has no control of what happens as a result
  3. Abusing the classified ad system in anyway can result in the removal of items, removal of access to this section and/or banning from the forum itself
  4. Members are encouraged to report suspicious items, bad deals, fraud, scams and anything else that is inappropriate for this section
Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines. These guideline may be modified at anytime. A notice will be given if these guidelines are modified.

By using Member Classifieds, you agree with all the rules, terms and conditions stated above.
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