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Just had this email.

Discussion in 'Skywarn Storm Spotting Discussion' started by Mike Sharp, May 16, 2017.

  1. Mike Sharp

    Mike Sharp Funnel Cloud

    Today, 15:17
    Severe Weather Alert Issued.

    SkywarnUK has issued a severe weather alert for rainfall in excess of 20mm.

    The alert is for the following areas: Southern England, London and East Anglia and runs from Wednesday 17th May at 1200hrs until Wednesday 17th May at 2100hrs

    A narrow band of rain will move across the warning areas bringing with it heavy rainfall possibly in excess of 20mm.

    With ground already wet there is a chance of some localised flooding.

    Spotters are requested to report any breaches in the usual manner.
  2. Mike Sharp

    Mike Sharp Funnel Cloud

    Could prove interesting as have to take the wife to a hospital appointment within that time zone.
  3. Mike Sharp

    Mike Sharp Funnel Cloud

    1600hrs and no significant rain yet - just constant horrible drizzle/light rain.
  4. Mike Sharp

    Mike Sharp Funnel Cloud

    So much for that warning - just a normal rain shower where I live.

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