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I'm Shawn, you can call me Shawn!

Shawn Gossman

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Howdy folks,

Shawn here! So I'm the big boss of this forum. I created it and own it. Let me start by saying this forum is in no way property or in association with NWS, NOAA and all that. It is privately owned, created to give a place to dedicated volunteers who spot storms for their local communities.

A bit about me... I'm super laid back and I don't get upset that easy but I am firm on my rules as they were made to ensure that all members can enjoy the forum. I'm a single male in my early 30s. I work in quality assurance. I also YouTube mainly focusing on hiking, backpacking and the outdoors. Getting outside and doing this YouTube has significantly increased my health in a positive way. I recommend you all get outside once in a while, more if possible :)

I have some education, a couple of Master degrees, nothing special. I am or have been involved in many forms of emergency management, firefighting, first responder stuff and rural development.

No wife. No kids. Open to it, though...

I do have a cat.

I drive a truck.

I live in a house.

And best of all, I look forward to enjoying this forum with you all :)

P.s. Hope you have a Happy New Year!!!

Glad to have the forum back! I can only imagine how much bigger and better it will be now. I have been apart of several of your forums, and every time you create a new one, it always continues to grow. Can't wait to see the outcome of this forum!

Shawn Gossman

Skywarn Forum Owner
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I'm kind of glad to restart it, really. The previous one had a lot of members and content but a majority of the members were inactive. This forum allows us to have a fresh start and focus on members who actually want the forum to successful :) I know I wasn't active there in the end of the last forum but now that is changing for this forum.