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I'm Baaaack!

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Well it looks like this Forum has finally been brought back! I was a member of the old forum and fortunately I saved most of my posts, so I will be able to repost them here when I have the time. Anyway a brief introduction:

I've been interested in severe weather since I was about six years old, and used to try and chase storms on my bicycle. As kids a buddy and I used to ride around the neighborhood during severe weather watches and anyone we came across outside working, we would inform them of the weather watch.

I began chasing storms with a car as soon as I got one in 1978. I didn't officially become a trained SkyWarn Spotter until 2005. I knew of them, but back in the 1970's the NWS had too many restrictions which discouraged me from becoming one way back then.

Welp, that's all I have to say for an intro. Look for my posts in other topic areas.