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I have no idea what I'm doing :)

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Hi everyone,

I took the spotter course a year or two ago for Team Rubicon and would finally like to get into it. I've enjoyed weather related topics since I was a child. Since it was a while ago I don't know if I'm "certified" or not. It was the official NWS/Skywarn course but I can't remember if I was registered or needed to be or anything like that.

All I know now is that I want to start learning as much as I can so I'm able to contribute to the community in the near future. I'm going to take the online Skywarn courses again and have a look at the MetEd courses as well. I plan on actively participating and spotting, and to eventually get my amateur radio license as well.

Does anyone have any information for a complete beginner to get started since I forgot just about everything I learned in the class?

I do have my field guide though, so that's a plus. :)
Welcome to the forum.

NWS districts vary as far as whether you have to register or be assigned a spotter ID number so it may be best to check with your local NWS office.

I attend a NWS/Skywarn course (entry and advanced) every year as a refresher before storm season starts. The MetEd courses are good too.

As far as the amateur license, look at your local clubs and see how often they offer testing, generally a club will do it every month or two. Some may also offer a class once or twice a year. For study material I have used the free study guide from KB6NU (No-Nonsense Study Guides - KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog) and www.hamstudy.org. The Tech license isn't that hard and is all you need for storm spotting.

If you need help finding information, let me know where you are located and I would be happy to help.
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Awesome, I really appreciate the help. I've been wanting to do this forever and really, nothing is stopping me. I'm going through the intro skywarn course again right now online and will slowly figure out how all of this works again.