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Shawn Gossman

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Howdy there,

As a new member of the forum, all the settings and controls may seem overwhelming for you. Don't worry! We're here to help you and help you get the most out of this community! In today's help topic, we're going to help you create Your Forum Profile and adjust your Forum Settings to what best fits your needs.

Let's start with creating your custom member profile:

Create a Profile

  1. First, click on your username in the top right-hand area of the forum (on the red bar next to the envelope and bell icons)
  2. A menu will drop down, click on Account Details
  3. Here, there are many things to change, let's go over a few:
    1. Email - you can change your email if you'd like. However, when you do, an email message will be sent to the new email with a link that you must click to confirm the new email.
    2. Email options - Here you can choose to receive "News and updates" which are from this forum and may contain important information. If you choose not to receive them, do note that you will still get very important emails such as policy changes. "Receive activity summary email" is another option. It is good to get if you want to be reminded that you're a member of the forum or want to see what is going on, lately, but you have the option of turning it off as well.
    3. Avatar - Click the Avatar (circled letter or image) to change your avatar. An avatar is your public image displayed on your profile and your posts. It helps people paint a picture of who you are. You can put a picture on yourself or a picture of anything (as long as it's appropriate). You upload this from your computer. By default, your avatar is the first letter of your username.
    4. Profile Banner - This is a profile cover image that you have the option of changing. I like to make mine have something to do with the weather or nature. You upload it from your computer as you do with the avatar image above.
    5. Date of Birth - This is where you set your date of birth and have controls for the privacy of your date of birth display. Administrators and moderators can still see your full date of birth. We require this information to comply with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
    6. Location - We require this information to help prevent spam. Spam bots will put generic information in these required fields in order to attempt to get into the forum. We can detect this and mitigate their access. Your location is your location. You don't have to be precise. You can just put your country or Earth if you want to. I like to put my city and state in but it's up to you what you want to put in. But if it is something odd, you might be identified as a spammer and your account temporarily locked just so you know.

Password and Security

On the Password and Security page, you can change your password at any time. We suggest using lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and characters like $#@ in a very random order for the most secure password. Never give out your password, not even to forum staff members.


On the Privacy page, you have various options to help control the privacy of your account. We take privacy very seriously on this forum. Please see our Official Privacy Policy for more information.


On the Preferences page, you can adjust alert and notification settings and time and forum preferences. By default, the preferences should be fine but this page allows you to fine-tune these to fit your needs.

Following & Ignoring​

These two pages will show you who you follow and who you ignore. Following people on the forum will give you notifications when they're active. This is good to stay in touch with a friend. Ignoring people on the forum will hide all their content from you, this is good if there is someone on the forum that you're not fond of.

And those are your basic profile and account settings. If you need further assistance, please create a new topic in this section and we'll be with you as soon as we can!
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