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How much have you spent on Ham radio gear?

Shawn Gossman

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Overall, if you were to really calculate everything, how much do you think you have spent in total on ham radios and gear?


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Less than a grand, Pretty simple at this point, Two good Yaesus, good Comet antenna on the house and a good Diamond antenna on the car. I think if'n I spent much more the Wiphe would break a nose or something ... hehehehe
There are a couple pictures over on QRZ ...
Actual amount or what my wife thinks I spent? :confused:

It's partly a hobby for me so I have spent more than one would need to for storm spotting.
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Let's see for my personal use Icom 706 (original version) $400.00 MFJ Versatuner II $30.00 (bought it used off a friend) my HF antenna $45.00 My hand held radios $250.00 (that included spare battery, speaker mic and drop in charger and my base 2m radio Yaesu FT2800M $125.00 and my 35 amp power supply $50.00

For the EOC (this was paid for by grant money) Kenwood TS-2000 $1500.00, two Kenwood TMD-700A mobiles at $300 each, dual band vertical $150, dual band yagi $175.00 HF vertical $500 Icom -7100 HF for field setup $1500.00 two kenwood dual band HTs $400 each two Icom dual band HTs $450 each several hundred feet of coaxial cable $350 4, Yaesu FT-8800R dual band mobiles for go kits at $350 each, 6 Astron 50 amp power supplies at $150 each