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Hello from Oklahoma

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Not much on introductions....

My name is Jon, married, kids......
Besides Skywarn and weather my hobbies include Jeeps, offroad, camping, outdoors, mountain biking, and ham radio.
I have been a ham for just over 4 years and hold an Extra class license. I mainly operate mobile or from a camp site.
I enjoy many aspects of ham radio from DX (distance stations) chasing, contest, digital, APRS) but not chit chatting (rag chewing as hams call it) which some think is odd since hams are known to talk... a lot...about anything....to anyone.

I live in Central Oklahoma, born and raised partly in West Texas and have enjoyed weather all my life. I have seen many tornadoes, but all before I joined Skywarn.

I have been a member here through one or two of the forums reincarnations.