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Hello from Northern Indiana!

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Hello All,

I am an avid photographer and a die-hard storm fanatic. I have only chased storms locally - mostly when I lived down in the South, and I have not gotten a chance to see a funnel cloud, even though I have been close to tornados and severe storms. I have been interested in storms from an early age and now as an adult I really want to find out more.

My goal with joining the group is to find out more about understanding how to forecast where a storm is heading and how to properly position myself to best increase my chances of getting some great images.

Whether it be lighting, tornados, hurricanes or other natural disasters, I would like to be there. If anyone is nearby and would like to talk about teaming up for a future chase, I would love to meet. I am also willing to take my vacation chasing, so if there is a good opportunity and you need a photographer with some high end gear and a willingness to be part of the team, let me know.

Would love to hear from other photographers and see your images as well. Thank you all!

Chris Jett
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