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Has it been a busy spotting season for you this year?

Shawn Gossman

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With the severe weather we've had thus far this year, I wonder how busy it has been for storm spotting. Have any of you had a busy season in terms of spotting and making reports? Tell us about it.
Nothing to really speak of in my area. Only one instance where the WX net was activated, that I can recall.
So far this year we have had 18 tornadoes in Oklahoma, 15 of them were on 5/2 and 7 of those were in the same county.


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Very calm, Some little storms around .. But nothing close or they fizzled out by the time they got anywhere near here.

Shawn Gossman

Skywarn Forum Owner
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What weather? Other than a few days ago when we had a tornado warning, the weather here has been stupid hot.
Did you get some of that Derecho we got a few weeks ago? That sucker brought down a lot of trees around here. No power for 19 hours during heat index warnings. Of course, I have a generator.
Northern Michigan has been quiet, at least in my neck of the woods. We've been going through a pretty significant dry spell, so fire weather is the concern these days. Outside of a few "pulse" storms triggered by lake breezes and outflow boundaries colliding, convection has either fizzled just before hitting my county or initiates overhead, as was the case this past weekend. Small cumulus overhead, severe thunderstorm by the time it got to Alpena, so not a drop of rain here. :/