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Ham Radio Field Day

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For those new to Amateur Radio, Field Day is the largest ham radio event in North America. Clubs/Groups set up temporary stations and portable antennas and operate off back up power(battery/generator) to simulate a wide spread disaster. The event runs for 24 hours and each group tries to make as many contacts as possible......or just enjoy hanging out, or both.

This is a good time to get on HF if you are a tech or get on the air if you are not licensed.

Field day starts at 1800 UTC (2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific) time on Saturday June 23 but set up begins typically around 8am. Set up is a good time to take a look at different antennas and how they can be erected and most clubs are always looking for people to help set up…and take down.

There are groups participating around the country. You can find them at www.arrl.org/field-day-locator

Or you can post your area below and I will be happy to find one for you.