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Greetings from Wayne County, PA

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Hello All!

Name is Paul and I live in the small village of South Canaan, in Wayne County, PA.
Retired from electric co. in 2013 and needed something to do so I became active with local fire dept in 2015 where I am currently Fire Police LT.
I became active with Skywarn in late 2015 and have since attended all four courses provided by the NWS.
I was a member of the old forum before it faded away and I am very pleased to see it resurrected. Thank you Shawn for that!
Also I am amateur radio call sign N3PEC. Hope to hear all you other operators on the air someday.
Welcome back from Southeastern North Carolina! Let me take the chance to say thank you for your service as a first responder. As someone with an elder cousin who used to be a first responder, I have an unending respect for both first responders and the military.