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GoPro Alternatives

Shawn Gossman

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There are several alternatives out on the market to GoPro. I'm interested in hearing if you all have used any of these, what ones and how were they, compared to GoPro action cameras?
I picked up a Victure action cam from Amazon around black friday/cyber monday for a good price.
Haven't played with it yet and since I haven't owned a GoPro I couldn't compare them anyways.
Will see how it holds up as it will be mounted on the outside of my Jeep for offroad events and possibly good storm events, would hate to lose a GoPro doing that.


Rain Cloud
I have a few gopros and love um, but I did pic up a SJ Cam of ebay for about 1/3 the price, and it does a a really good job, but make sure it is a true SJcam, lot of knock offs on the market.;)
Although my YouTube Channel has some Storm Spotting/Chasing videos, it's mostly dedicated to Model Railroading. With that said, some of the videos I shoot require "Engineer perspective" shots, and when you get down to the smaller scales like HO or N Scale, a GoPro camera just won't cut it. If I'm doing O-Scale, I can use either a GoPro or my Drift 1080 HD camera. This nice thing about this little camera is the lens is rotatable, so I can set it on the camera car at any angle and still keep the shot right side up! The Drift also comes with a wireless remote that allows for turning the camera off/on from a distance. That means I can control it even when going through those long tunnels or the Helix.
Drift Action Cameras

For even smaller scales like HO or N scale, I use the Replay XD. They have two models to choose from. Their professional XD Prime, and their XD Mini. The XD Mini is so small it can fit thru all the tunnels and under all the bridges on an N-Scale model railroad and still shoot in full 1080 HD video! I have even shot a CAB Ride video of a Z-Scale model layout with my XD Mini. Z-Scale is 1:128. That's super super small, and the XD Mini makes it look like a full sized railroad. Another nice thing about Replay XD action cameras is NO FISHEYE LENS! You get nice true vision video.
Replay XD Cameras

If you'd like to see some of the videos I've shot with these two cameras, check out my YouTube Channel:
MisterPersuasion's YouTube Channel

Those are my recommendations, and I do have a GoPro 4K low-light camera too, but the GoPro doesn't work very well sitting on my camera cars because the lens is off-set. The only time I use the GoPro 4K is when I'm doing a very low light model railroad layout.