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Further education in storm spotting

Shawn Gossman

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Besides the usually storm spotter class, do any of you try to further educate yourself in storm spotting and meteorology in general? If yes, what resources are you using? Feel free to post links, book titles, videos, etc. here. If could be useful for others interested in further education in storm spotting. :)
I also use MetED for a lot of extra education, but I also read a lot of meteorology reference books that I've gotten my hands on in the past for classes at school. A couple of good ones I have on hand are The Atmosphere: An Introduction to Meteorology, 13th Edition and Meteorology: The Atmosphere and Science of Weather, 5th Edition. I'll probably have some more on my hands as soon as I can locate them. Then again, I'm also looking to pursue a master of science in Atmospheric Science (AKA Meteorology) after completing my undergraduate degree (in Geology). Not to brag.