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Shawn Gossman

Skywarn Forum Owner
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Greetings Members,

I have initiated a point system for forum disciplinary actions. Here is how this will work:
  • If I feel that you didn't mean to violate a rule, made a mistake or that I know you won't do it again, I will send you a private message as an unofficial warning (no points added) asking you to abide by the rules.
  • If you conduct a minor violation and you deserve a point, you will gain 1 point. 1 point does nothing but gives you an official warning. The point will remain on your account for a specific period of time - it varies per offence. If you gain another warning during the time that the point is on your account, you will either be temporary banned for a certain amount of time or permanently banned.
  • Moderate violations will result in 2 points which is a temporary ban. Most minor and moderate violations allow you to appeal the warning/point/ban through email. Send these appeal emails to shawn@skywarnforum.com
  • Major violations will result in 3 points and a permanent ban. You may not appeal a major violation ban.
  • If you conduct illegal activity on this forum and it is serious enough, I reserve the right to contact law enforcement and share your information. I will not tolerate illegal activity.
1..2..3..Strikes you're out! ;)

My goal on this forum is to never use this disciplinary system. :) You can help me achieve that goal by read the Official Forum Rules and abiding by them at all times. Hopefully, the only bans I make are on spam bots. Hopefully, we don't get any spam bots to begin with, haha.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Not open for further replies.