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Do you have to attend Skywarn training every year?

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The title says it all!
Do you have to attend Skywarn spotter training every year?

I went last year, and was planning to go again this year, but I just don't think I'll be able to go. If I don't attend, does that mean I'm not a valid storm spotter?

Is there a online spotter class?

APX (Gaylord, Michigan) has mentioned that a class is good for 3 years, unless you're an emergency manager, then it's annually. This may vary by office for non EM, however. Classes may be cancelled for a specific county for various reasons, e.g., the threat of or existing severe weather on the date of the scheduled class. I'd suggest that you contact your WFO for more specific information. :)
I personally try to go every year, as you never know when something could change, but also because it's a good review of what you already know. In Wilmington/Hampstead where I am certified, it's recommended, but not required. Of course , it's coincidentally convenient that I live down the street and have met face to face with the warning coordination meteorologist responsible for training in my area.