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Competition Information, Terms and Conditions

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Shawn Gossman

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Greetings Members,

To help make the forum more entertaining, I've decided to create a monthly competition for members to show off their photos. To make it fair, your photos can depict anything whether it is a cityscape or a wedge tornado. It doesn't have to be weather-related. In the future though, we may have themed photo competitions that might require weather-related content. But for now, anything goes.

To Participate:
  1. Read and abide by all the competition terms and conditions below
  2. Wait for the official topic to be posted for the monthly submission period
  3. A submission period of two weeks will occur where members of the forum can post their photos for up to two weeks
  4. After two weeks, an official poll will be attached to this topic asking that members vote on their favorite photo
  5. The photo with the most votes will win the monthly competition
  6. If there is a tie, I will personally act as a tie-breaker
  7. Even if you win the previous month's competition, you may join in on the next one to try again
  8. Monthly winning photos will be entered into a Photo of the Year Competition at the end of the Year
  9. You must be a registered member of this forum and logged in to participate
  10. Entries must me posted as replies in official competition topics. If you create a new topic as your entry, it will be ignored
Terms and Conditions that Apply to this Competition:
  1. You may submit ONE (1) photo per monthly competition
  2. Your photo must abide by the official forum rules and not violate the privacy of another person, entity or organization
  3. Your photo must be of your own taking. Do not enter photos that were taken by other people
  4. Don't ask your friends to vote for your photo, we want to see an unbiased voting occur
  5. Images may contain watermarks that area not website addresses or email addresses
  6. You must submit your image within the allowed date and time frame of the two week submission period
  7. Late submissions and late votes are not allowed under any circumstances
  8. Photo submission members may vote but please try to remain unbiased. Let's keep this a fun and fair competition
  9. Those found to be cheating or attempting to play the system will disqualified from ever participating in this competition again
  10. If the competition turns unfair or toxic, the forum has the right to discontinue it without notice
The forum is small at the moment and there really isn't a big budget. In time, through premium membership upgrades, advertising and sponsorship revenue and investments, the forum will eventually have a budget. Once a budget is established, a prize sub-budget can be added to invest in better prizes for this and other competitions that we create. So for the time being, the following prizes are offered:
  1. Bragging rights
  2. Winning entries will be entered into a Photo of the Year Competition which will have better prizes
  3. Mentioned on the on-site newsletter as the Monthly Photo Competition winner
  4. Your photo will be displayed as the Monthly Winning Photo on the sidebar for the next remaining month
  5. If there is a new feature being debated on the forum and a voting session occurs (usually reserved for staff, premium and charter members only), you will get a chance to cast your vote on the new feature idea
Thank you for reading these terms and conditions and we want to wish you the best of luck while participating in the Member Photo of the Month Competition. If you have any questions or concerns about this competition, please post a new topic in the Help & Feedback Section of the forum.
Not open for further replies.