Are you utilizing social media to report severe weather?

Shawn Gossman

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Let's face it. We now live in a social media age. To be honest, social media isn't all that bad. Because of the massive amount of people who use it, messages and information can reach people a lot quicker than old ways.

Think about this... How many people do you know actually have weather radios? That work and are always in alert mode? I know some who do but the majority of people don't often pick up that useful appliance. However, most everyone has a smart phone and most everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and the works.

The NWS can reach a lot of people, a lot faster with a status update or a tweet than with that old fashion weather radio. And we can quickly report changing weather conditions through social media a lot quicker than with eSpotter or a telephone number.

So should we embrace social media as the best way to report our severe weather findings, as well as the best way to alert the mass public? Or do you feel that it is a bad road to take? Explain your reasoning and add to this conversation, below! :)


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Yes, I have used FB for the local NWS office... They watch that media source closely.
Also I have reported via 2m radio..
During sever weather days, there are usually 2 volunteers on the ham radio systems.