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Forum Policy Advertising with Skywarn Storm Spotting Forum

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The Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum does indeed sell advertising services. While we are excited to be given the chance to potentially work with businesses and brands by promoting their content and external links on our online community, we do have policies that cater to this sort of activity. Please thoroughly read this information thread to understand how to purchase advertising on this forum and the terms and conditions that apply to advertisers.

Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum uses a Non-Intrusive approach to advertising
This means that at this time, we do not offer behavior tracking services. We feel that it isn't appropriate for this sort of environment. Advertising is blunt. You purchase a plan, we add your advertisements (as long as it adheres to our terms and conditions) and our traffic gives you potential visitors and sales. There is no tracking advantages on this forum for advertising clients. We want to make this clear and simple right from the beginning.

Terms and Conditions that Apply to Advertisers:
All advertising clients who successfully purchase advertisement plans on this forum agree to abide by the followings terms and conditions:
  1. Skywarn Storm Spotter Forum may terminate our advertising partnership at any time for any applicable reason
  2. Advertising on this forum is an agreement between you (the advertiser) and us (the forum) and is a partnership, not a contract
  3. Ads must specifically target the niche and/or sub-niches of this forum, including:
    • Ads about Skywarn-related services, products and/or events
    • Ads about meteorology/weather-related services, products and/or events
    • Ads about amateur radio items and events
    • Ads about photo and video items and events
    • Ads about storm chasing items and events
    • Ads to sell chasing/weather-related videos, branded items, photos and related items and events
  4. Ads that are off the topic of the above criteria will be rejected
  5. Ads that advertise another forum for Skywarn/weather-related topics will be rejected
  6. Controversial ads, political-driven ads, religious ads and profane ads will be rejected
  7. Ads that include Trojans, spyware, adware, viruses and/or any type of software-injected scripts will be rejected
  8. Ads that contain illegal activities or the promotion of illegal activities will be rejected
  9. Ads that lead to something other than the original planned content will be discontinued and no refund will be given
  10. Refunds for advertising are not available, please consider advertising carefully
  11. Downtime may happen and such downtime will not grant refunds. However, we will work with you to award you credits for any LONG TERM downtime that could occur
  12. Advertising partnerships will not contain any form of contractual agreements
  13. Payments for advertising must be paid in full on due dates. Rain checks, IOUs and payment plans are not available on the website
  14. Ad types may be in the following forms:
    • Non-animated banners
    • Lightly-animated banners
    • Web links
    • Pinned topics on forum sections (individual sections only, not global pinned topics / limited)
    • Forum section sponsorship (limited)
    • Forum contest sponsorship (limited)
    • Forum event sponsorship (limited)
    • Sidebar video advertising (limited, no autoplay)
  15. Email and/or newsletter advertising is not available
  16. Popup-type advertising is prohibited
  17. Whole page ads are prohibited
  18. Auto-play advertising functions are prohibited
  19. Some advertisements may not display on mobile views
  20. Premium and charter members will not see advertisements but may see some sponsored items (pinned posts, contest/section sponsorship, etc.)

** Payments will be made through PayPal.com only.

If you are interested in advertising, please Contact Us, today!
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