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storm chasing

  1. Shawn Gossman

    Too many chasers and safety?

    Over the years, the increase of storm chasers has grown rapidly especially since smartphones now have decent enough cameras for chasers to be able to get their claim to fame. Do any of you feel that the increase of storm chasers creates a concern for safety? Is it too dangerous to chase storms...
  2. Shawn Gossman

    Any close calls with severe weather?

    As a storm chaser, you get into dangerous conditions when it comes to severe weather. While everyone else is fleeing away from the storm, you are moving towards the storm. With that being said, have you ever had any close calls or accidents related to storm chasing? If yes, tell us all about it...
  3. My Current Storm Chasing Vehicle

    My Current Storm Chasing Vehicle

    I bought it new in 2005. Learned from all my mistakes from my previous Storm Chase Vehicle. Only thing I don't like is the headlights/hi-beams are not as bright as my old truck.
  4. Shawn Gossman

    How close do you get to tornadoes?

    As a storm chaser, how close do you normally try to get to a tornado? Whether by accident or whatever, what is the closest you have been to one?
  5. Shawn Gossman

    The argument against storm chasing...

    So let me start by saying that I am not making this topic to criticize those who partake in storm chasing. I am making this topic merely to discuss the controversies of the practice. There are figures and entities in our society that disagree with storm chasing. Members of law enforcement out...
  6. Shawn Gossman

    Why do you chase storms?

    Some chasers are in it for science (such as those working with universities, etc.), some chasers are in it to sell their footage for money and some chasers are in it simply because they love severe weather. Why do you chase storms?