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  1. jjester6000

    Do you have a YouTube channel?

    I got one: Not much weather related content, mostly car stuff, but it has its moments.
  2. jjester6000

    What sort of vehicle do you chase with?

    Depending on who you ask, a reliable chase vehicle is often stated at the most important piece of equipment a chaser can have. [Photo hasn't been retouched] There are several vehicles that I've personally chased with in the past ranging from proper antique cars, to cars old enough to qualify...
  3. jjester6000

    What video camera do you have?

    Here's my circa 1974 Sanyo VC500 Vidicon Tube Camera and digital recorder I built for it. It may look like a super 8 camera at first glance, but this unit was one of the first consumer PortaPak cameras. I got it without the portable VCR, so I built my own unit using one of those FPV drone...
  4. jjester6000

    Ham Radio Operators Check In!

  5. jjester6000


    Hello, I'm Skywarn spotter/technician level ham radio operator from Illinois (though I'm currently living in Colorado). I drive a slightly beat 1998 Chevrolet Suburban K1500 with 316,000 miles. Right now I'm trying to set it up as an actual chase vehicle for the 2023 storm season. I understand...