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"...The Mission of Skywarn Forum is to Support the National Skywarn Program by Creating a Space for Storm Spotters to Network with one and other and Enhance their Knowledge of Skywarn..."

Skywarn Forum is the largest online message forum community dedicated to the National Skywarn Storm Spotter program. Skywarn Storm Spotters are trained volunteers who observe and report hazardous weather conditions for their local communities in an effort to help increase the local severe weather warning system. The National Skywarn program is often defined as a backbone of the public severe weather warning system and Skywarn Forum was created to help preserve this vital community resource. Skywarn Forum devotes its extistence to supporting the National Skywarn program by providing an online community where storm spotters and friends can network with one and other while enhancing their knowledge about the National Skywarn Program.

The History of Skywarn Forum

Skywarn Forum was created in early 2012. Shortly after its creation, Skywarn Forum renamed itself National Skywarn Forum after joining a partnership as the official forum of the National Skywarn Program website. Skywarn Forum continued to grow and eventually became the second largest forum dedicated to the National Skywarn Program next to Skywarn Online.

Skywarn Forum was created by Shawn J. Gossman who is still the official owner of the forum. Shawn has been an active Skywarn Storm Spotter for over 15 years and is very passionate and advocating about the National Skywarn program. Shawn is a certified Specialist in Emergency Management and focuses on rural emergency management and public health subjects. Shawn holds several college degrees including a B.Sc. in Criminal Justice, a M.Sc. in Homeland Security and he is currently working on his MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Shawn has experience in security, safety and emergency management in the private sector, management, fire department administration and local emergency management operations.

In June of 2015, Skywarn Forum was proud to announce the acquisition of Skywarn Online. Skywarn Online was shortly merged into Skywarn Forum after the initial acquisition, making Skywarn Forum, the largest message forum about Skywarn on the World Wide Web. Skywarn Forum continues to grow with 6,600 members and ranks on top pages in most common popular search engines. Skywarn Forum is known for its active community of storm spotters, free membership and absence of advertisements - Skywarn Forum is completely ad-free for all members and guests.

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