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Why Should I Join Skywarn Forum?​

Welcome to Skywarn Forum, a privately-owned online community dedicated to the discussion of Skywarn storm spotting, storm chasing, and weather topics. You might be asking "Why Should I Join?" when there are plenty of other message forums, social media groups, and communities online for this sort of discussion. The answer is, community! We wish to build a community on this forum rather than be the best. The idea to revive this forum was to create a community whether it remains small or grows large in size. The mission is to create a community where relationships can be created and none of the toxicity of social media can be found. We prohibit drama that you commonly find on social media. It is anti-community and we want nothing to do with it on the forum. If you are into drama, this forum isn't and will never be for you.

What do I get if I join Skywarn Forum?​

First of all, joining is absolutely free to everyone. There are no hidden fees or costs associated with having an account here. So that's the main reason - it's free! It will also always be free.

But by joining, you also get to...
  • Create your own profile
  • Upload an avatar and have a signature
  • Post new topics and reply to other topics
  • Make new friends
  • Download and upload resources
  • Upload and view pictures and galleries
  • Get access to hidden sections and features
  • Plus more and more to come!
Joining is simple - press the REGISTER button or LOGIN if you already have an account.

We hope to see you on the forum and please consider inviting another person who'd love to join as well!
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